Tuesday, 30 July 2013

If I had any hair, I'd be pulling it out

Well that's a lie, I do have some hair. It's just so short I can't pull it out. The reason why I might be tempted to is because over the weekend I put in - on and off - 12 hours into my post about what I'd like to see in SDSR 2015. After 52 paragraphs (I was numbering them to make it easier to track) I realised a couple of things;

1) I was only a third of the way through what I'd planned to write,
2) Even that would have been too much to digest in one article,
3) I'd quite like to not spend another 24 hours writing before it gets published,

So, switching to plan B, time to conjour up an abridged version which will hopefully appear here tomorrow.

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