Wednesday, 18 November 2020

£15 billion and a packet of Benson and Hedges please mate

So then, it was announced yesterday that the MoD is to get a £15 billion uplift in funding over the next four years, thanks to the efforts of the defence secretary who has been so active that I can't actually remember his name right now despite having seen it nay but a few hours ago, and cannot be arsed to go and look up. 

Of course MilTwitter in the UK has been losing its shit, as everyone starts getting excited and making plans about where to spend the money, dreaming of a return to the Napoleonic navy or the cold war British Army Of the Rhine. What is needed then is some kind of counter-balance; a person of such undying cynicism and truly miserable spirit as to be able to come along at this happy hour and generate the feeling of someone having broken into your house and pissed all over your early christmas present. I accept this mantle with a heavy (honest guv) heart.