Friday, 28 June 2013

More Askari Thunder and a sweary rant

Just another quick post today, bringing you two videos from British Forces News to round out the series on Askari Thunder, followed by a brief rant about fitness.

*WARNING* - While all of the following videos are "safe for work", some of the language used later may not be. Open and read at your own peril.
First then we'll start on a light note with the two videos about Askari Thunder;

And now we enter the rant zone. A video first about new pre-screening fitness tests for the Navy, Air Force and Marines, followed by strong language. Very strong language.

Three things I want to get off my chest after watching that video;

1 - Anyone who describes themselves as a "fitness and wellness director" is certified for one thing and one thing only; being a prize cunt.

2 - How is it that the "fitness manager" of a gym has jowls like a fucking sea lion?

3 -  The aforementioned fitness and wellness director points out that one of the reasons that some young recruits fail the fitness test (and as such are probably left worrying for the next few weeks before their re-test to find out whether they're going to make the cut) is because they've stupidly prepared for an armed forces running test by running outside, and as such are not ready for the awkward nature of the treadmill, running at a pace dictated to them by a pin monkey.

I have one thing to say about that; 


On what planet have we landed where it is now considered disadvantagous for young recruits to build their fitness by running outside, as opposed to forking out god only knows how much for a gym membership just so they can use the sodding treadmill, a skill that will be of largely no use to them once they've passed the initial test, as they'll be tested from that point onwards by running outdoors?

It's things like this that really get under my skin. I suspect the reason this gym has been handed the pre-screening role has absolutely bugger all to do with quality and everything to do with being cheap. It just seems like utter madness that we can consider it acceptable that recruits who may just squeeze inside the required fitness margins under normal circumstances are being held back (and potentially dumped) due to unfamiliarity with the gyms equipment. 

If they can't even be arsed to take the recruits to a proper track or other open space to do the test, then where else are they cutting corners?


  1. Didn't I read somewhere that new recruits were experiencing problems with boots because they habitually wore trainers? How is this supposed to help?

    aka GNB

    1. Blimey, I think that story goes back a while. No real solution to it I guess, aside from convincing young hopefuls to go running in something more... arduous shall we say?