Thursday, 28 March 2013

A few links to tide you over

Otherwise known as another excuse for me to buy time while I work on my next proper post.
The first of this weeks links is from the Royal Navy. The title of the article in question says it all "The end of an era". The Type 42 Destroyer HMS Edinburgh has returned to port after her last active mission in the South Atlantic, having covered over three quarters of a million miles throughout her operational life. The Type 42's make way for the brand new Type 45 Destroyers, with Edinburgh due to be decommissioned in June. Link here.

To go with this I've trawled up a video of HMS York, another Type 42 that was decommissioned last September, firing her Sea Dart weapon system. Edinburgh was the last of the Type 42's to test fire this weapon system last April. Multiple shots;

Sticking with that nautical theme, RFA Fort Victoria has deployed to the Gulf of Aden, where she'll conduct logistic support operations for Combined Task Force 151, as well as hosting the forces Singapore led command staff. Link here.

And finally, members of 16 Air Assault Brigade have been in Italy for Exercise Eagle's Eye. Elements of 3rd battalion the Parachute Regiment, D squadron of the Household Cavalry Regiment, 5th Regiment Royal Artillery and 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault) have joined up with members of Italy's Folgore Parachute Brigade to practice and develop their skills in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR). 

To quote the article on the Army's website;

"It’s been a great experience to share our skills with Italian paratroopers. After a long operation in Afghanistan, both armies are regenerating the specialist capabilities of their airborne forces to be ready for future operations. The Italians have been humble in asking for our advice, but they’re very capable and it’s been more of an exchange of ideas."

Good stuff. Link here.

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