Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Videos - 20/11/12

Is it really nearing the end of November already? Jesus. Anyway, videos time.
This week the video assortment is, frankly, a little odd. First up is the new SMX-26 concept by DCNS.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know it's only a concept on a computer and unless someone stumps up some money (unlikely) then it's never going to reach even the prototype stage. But I just have to admire DCNS for their seemingly never ending drive to design new ships and equipment off their own back.

The SMX-26 for example seems to be based around the current obsession with "Littoral combat" (tip: using the word "Littoral" outside of the very specific name of the Littoral Combat Ship is a great way to get your comment deleted on this blog. I think you mean "Coastal").

It's a perfect example of a company that is a least trying to adapt to the wider world, in particular looking at customers outside of just the French Navy. We always here about how British defence contractors are on the verge of going out of business unless the government stumps up the money to save them with new orders. Any other business would be told where to shove their demands. BAE take note of our cousins abroad.

My only concern is that the "enemy" ship being sunk at 2:09 appears to look quite similar to a Type 45, minus the long range search radar. Why is it that French defence videos always seem to have their equipment shooting down, sinking or blowing up British kit?

Next up, an interesting look at ongoing work by British Forces in Kenya, who are testing new theories, practices and techniques for engaging civilian populations on operations. Hopefully the work from this can be combined with the lessons of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, in order to better build our capability for future counter-insurgency operations.

And wrapping up, a bunch of videos about the Irish Defence Forces. Just... because.

Firstly some Scorpion tanks at the firing range;

Then some Irish Air Corps Pilatus PC-9's at the firing range;

And lastly, an amateur video that someone has put together of the various aircraft that make up the Irish Air Corps. But I have a question - whose submarine is that at 1:02? Because that looks distinctly like one of ours. More depressingly, this footage reminds us that Ireland now possesses a superior Maritime Patrol capability than us here in the UK.

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