Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hit and Miss

Defence companies make me laugh. On the one hand, they're very good at telling people that their defensive systems are flawless and will stop any attack. On the other, they're also very good at telling people that their offensive systems are flawless and can evade any defence. What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? See for yourself. Below are two videos from DCNS, see if you can spot the irregularity.


  1. Their French, what do you expect

    Good point Chris, thats marketing for you

  2. Maybe that's the key. The torpedoes in the first are mere Russian or Chinese export models, whereas the torpedoes in the second are the finest torpedoes French engineering could ever conceive of?


  3. Well you don't expect them to say that their torpedoes can be beaten by their countermeasures and vice-versa that wouldn't be very smart advertisement. The simple fact is that offensive and defensive technology is very evenly matched, otherwise a system would find its self obsolete very fast.

  4. Aye Mick,

    I just find it amusing that they reused the same stock footage of their counter measures system only this time with their torpedo picking its way through the decoys to the target.