Friday, 14 September 2012

Another Update

You have. No idea. None. How boring. My day was. Just, trust me. If I hear one more word about bloody KPI's I will go spare. Not least because KPI is supposed to stand for "Key Performance Indicator", not "Statistics That Have Been Selected Because They're Easy To Monitor". Or "STHBSBTETM" as I like to call it.

That mild rant out of the way, my hope is to finish up my dissenting post to TD about the A400M sometime tomorrow, as I relax and allow modern KPI's to go where they belong - in the garbage, with all the other pointless trash.


  1. Hey, us management accountants need something to justify our meagre pay and limited respect :)

    Next you'll be telling us you dont want 600 KPIs :)

  2. Two or three, selected because they have a demonstratable impact on the business over a long time frame, that I can live with. When the amount of petty cash used starts getting tracked as a KPI something has seriously gotten, to quote an American phrase, FUBAR.