Thursday, 26 July 2012

Coming soon... ish.

Just to keep everyone updated, this is the list of stuff that I have planned, though not necessarily in this order;

Project Management - I wrote this down on my list... then immediately forgot what it was that had triggered the idea. Still, I have a number of thoughts on this and eventually I will cram them together into one place.

Lessons Learned - I stumbled across an open source document a while back from the US, basically containing some of the lessons learned from operations in Iraq. Thought that might be interesting to go over, especially as it covers equipment and its associated problems from the perspective of how people actually use it in the field, as opposed to looking at it from a "Top Trumps" wikipedia aspect.

Desert Ninjas - Although we don't know much about what the SAS got up to Iraq (not yet anyway), we do know a little and I have a question about it.

Comparisons - To other nations basically, taking a look at how they organise and structure their armed forces. This will be a somewhat random series that will crop up here and there.

CVF; likes and dislikes - Guaranteed to start a war no doubt, but at some point I'd like to assess the CVF program and what I like and dislike about it.

Why Africa? - Indeed. In my first proper post I honed in on Africa at the end. But why? Well, eventually I'll explain.

Regional Bomber - There's often calls for the RAF to invest in one but for someone who often gets accused (like Think Defence) of being a shill for the RAF, I'm not so sure. I'll explain why.

Cold War Russia - Or more specifically, how Russia's over arching cold war strategy often differed greatly from the Americans, but in some ways the two mirrored each other. And how much fun they had pulling America across the globe.

High/Low Fighter Mix - Examining briefly the nature of high/low fighter aircraft mixes.

At some point I'm also going to try and do something about how bloody faint the text appears. I'm not sure what though. So if you see colour changes and the like in the coming days, you'll know why.


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