Thursday, 5 September 2013

Some goings on

Aside from all the Syria news as usual, two interesting bits cropped up on twitter today. One is that the Royal Marines are happily blowing s**t up in Albania on exercise, this time turning their (simulated) wrath against a former submarine base. It's a sign of the times that some of the enemy in the scenario were listed as terrorists and other such murky, non-state/semi-state actors.

Meanwhile the RAF has been playing host to members of the Royal Saudi Air Force for a UK-Saudi version of the Green Flag exercises normally held in the US, which are generally designed to test ground attack capabilities, specifically in cooperation with ground troops. I mentioned in a post a while back that this is something I'd like to see more of, and it seems that wish has come true early.

Which leads to me a question; @Topman, is that the thing you were referring to keeping an eye out for?


  1. It was yes, rather uncanny you mentioning it just before the exercise was made public. First saudi exercise in 7 years in the UK I believe.


    1. Well, you know what they say about great minds. Not sure how I fit into that, but hey!