Friday, 14 December 2012

Update 14/12/12

I'm currently working on a post based around the evidence given to the House of Commons defence committee by General Sir Peter Wall, so that should be finished some time soon.

For now, I'll just share an interesting link with you from the BBC about a new foam that the Americans are working on for sealing internal injuries on the battlefield. Link here.


  1. 14-42 against the Texans - a nice warm up for Sunday.

  2. Well, at least having watched the Texans slump off the field in defeat, your guys will know what to expect when they get buried by the mighty 49ers. We have something that the Texans didn't; a quality, diverse pass rush. By the end of the game Brady's uniform and helmet will be so green with grass stains he'll look like he's just signed for the Eagles.