Friday, 17 June 2016

A sweary, non-defence related rant

I try and keep political posts off this blog, at least to a degree, as it's really supposed to just be about defence. And I also try not to swear too much (f**k off. I don't). For that reason I hereby give you ample warning of the following;

- This blog post has nothing to do with defence. Not a sausage.
- This blog post contains a lot of uncensored sweary language that is NSFW. Please do not read on if you find swearing offensive or are reading this in a place where such content would be inappropriate.

Warning issued...

You have been warned...

Final warning...

Still here? 

Good, because fuck me do I have a rant to get off my chest. I was shown a link earlier today to an article on the Guardian website by journalist Polly Toynbee. I simply refuse to link it here just in case someone has the misfortune to click on it and add another pageview to that pile of drivel. Google is a thing if you're that interested in it. Just make sure you have a sick bucket handy. For the article is basically a pile of disgusting, slimey, underhanded, manipulative, disgraceful, hypocritical, snivelling, vomit-inducing drivel. It's like reading The Sun newspaper, but left wing. 

The basic premise of this appalling piece of what can barely qualify as journalism is the idea that the 'Brexit/Leave' campaign is somehow responsible for the recent murder of MP Jo Cox. If you're thinking "but that's fucking ludicrous, how the fuck did she come to that conclusion" then you're just as baffled as I was reading it the first time. Apparently her evidence for this assertion is based on the premise that the killer* shouted "Britain First" several times during the incident. 

(*And could everyone please stop giving him the satisfaction that I suspect he will get from having his name plastered everywhere. Perhaps just refer to him as "the cowardly cunt" if you need to be a little more specific).

So without any more evidence than an eye witness report that the cowardly cunt had shouted "Britain First" (the name of a far-right political movement in the UK) she somehow managed to confidently connect the dots between the killer and the 'Brexit/Leave' campaign. If you're still baffled at this point, that's ok. You should be baffled, because it makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. Even in the context of more current information that appears to link the killer strongly with far-right/extremist view points - at least in his past - it still makes absolutely no sense how the entire 'Brexit/Leave' campaign has somehow become embroiled in this and been finger pointed as the people mainly responsible for the death of Jo Cox.

To provide a little context at this point, because I'm sure there will be some people reading this and frothing at the mouth thinking I'm "one of them", I should point out that back in 2013 when Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered by two Islamist extremists I was one of the people (though granted not on this blog) making the case that the actions of two men did not represent the majority of Muslims. Which is true. It is absolutely ridiculous to argue that those two nutjobs were acting on behalf of anyone but themselves and their own twisted ambitions to be noticed. How the fuck anyone could expect the entire Muslim population of Britain to be held accountable for the actions of those two is beyond me. It was as if some people at the time seemed to think there was some kind of Muslim hotline which any would-be nutjob had to ring up first in order to get the approval of everyone else before carrying out any act.

Nor do I buy the argument that because something was written in some book somewhere that all of a sudden "aha, see! They do endorse it etc". If that's the case then why isn't every Muslim in Britain out hacking people up right now? The answer is because the vast majority of them are not fucking retarded crackpots who are mentally living in the middle ages. Yes, they still read and treat seriously a book composed of fairy stories, moral lectures and hand-me-down half truths that's been edited so many times that the original version of the text has long gone, but so do lots of other religions. And most of them do it peacefully and certainly do not take it upon themselves to go out stoning people. So no, as much as some people would like to, you can't blame every Muslim for the acts of individual nutters.

And here is where we get to the ridiculousness of Polly Toynbee's case. How the fuck do you end up blaming the 'Brexit/Leave' campaign for the actions of one nutter? And how is it that the Guardian newspaper feels no shame in posting this utter piece of drivel on their site, despite supporting the same view as I had over the murder of Lee Rigby? It's hypocritical in the extreme to suddenly start blaming a mass of people that had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Jo Cox for the actions of a deranged extremist. So why did the Guardian allow this piece, and why did Toynbee write it?


Either that or Toynbee is an absolute McFucknugget of the highest order, someone so utterly simple minded and delusional that she actually believed the drivel she wrote. While that is entirely plausible given the quality of the article, the significantly more likely answer is that she and the Guardian simply produced this and put it out there on the Internet to try and capitalise on the murder in order to try and paint the 'Brexit/Leave' campaign in a bad light by somehow associating it with the incident and claiming that it was responsible for it. 

Think about that for a second. 

What kind of fucking second rate, hack journalist, what kind of utterly inhumane, desperate, deceitful, disgusting kind of human being do you have to be to turn the murder of a respected MP, a mother of two and a beloved wife into a fucking political campaign puff piece? What fucking planet are we living on when someone thinks this would be a good idea for an article, and where an editor thinks this would be a good and sensible piece of copy to publish. It just boggles my mind. It defies fucking belief.

Oh but it doesn't end there. The Internet has been ablaze all day long with people in the 'Remain' camp pointing the finger at 'Brexit/Leave' and saying "this is your fault, you caused this". Are these people fucking mad? I've been an ardent 'Leave' campaigner the whole time, but I don't recall ever asking anyone to go out and shoot a 'Remain' campaigner. Nor can I recall ever being asked to do so by anyone else on the 'Leave' side. Maybe 'Britain First' has, but I highly doubt that even they are that stupid, and they have denied any knowledge of the killer. So where is the link then? Where is this link that connects the murderer of Jo Cox to the 'Brexit/Leave' campaign?

Supposedly some people seem to think it's to do with the negative nature of the campaign and the personal attacks that have been made. Which is funny, because I don't recall anyone from 'Leave' threatening that world war fucking three would break out if we left the EU. Indeed it has been 'Remain' that has relentlessly campaigned on a stance of fear and negativity, so where is the connection? Nigel Farage rambling about immigration maybe? For a start, if you're looking to Nigel Farage for answers you have bigger problems than whether the UK is in or out of the EU, but even then how is Farage to blame? How do you connect the dot between Farage and the murderer? And from there, how the fuck do you connect the dot from Farage to the entire 'Brexit/Leave' campaign?

There is only one answer, and that answer is that you are a cynical, conniving, heartless, morally empty, vapid cunt of the first order who will take any opportunity you can - at any price - to try and twist events the way you want them to win a political debate. You are Polly Toynbee. And you can go fuck yourself.


  1. *Edited for minor grammar issues.

  2. Don't worry, its back fired spectacularly and further hammered the remain cause in the polls.

    Amazingly the general public came to the same conclusion you did, if pulse was nothing to do with Islam, why was cox everything to do with brexit?