Monday, 26 August 2013

The other story in the news today

It's the Bank Holiday, so this is not an article so much as a footnote.

I just found it interesting that while the situation in Syria has dominated the headlines, there has been another story making the news over the last few days that interests the UK defence community. That being the fatal crash of a Puma helicopter carrying workers out to a North Sea oil rig. It's the fifth crash involving a Puma helicopter over the last four years.

Now remind me again, which helicopter type are we pouring money into to keep flying. Oh dear...



    David Learmont of FlightGlobal is usually one of the better-informed commentators on aircraft safety

    1. @ Anon,

      I doubt that will offer much comfort for crews and passengers. So one was pilot error. That still leaves three that resulted from gearbox failures. That two could have made it to safety and found somewhere to park if they'd used the emergency system does not remove the fact that a) in both cases there was a serious failure in the gearbox and b) the system that was supposed to provide a back up also failed twice.