Thursday, 31 January 2013

Update 31/01/12

Question: Have you ever had an idea, thought "that's brilliant!", then sat down to develop it further and realised "actually, that's a bit shit"? Well that's where I am right now, having originally started and written perhaps half of what was intended to be a post on shale gas, based around evidence given to the Energy and Climate change committee.

Then I started reading it back today and realised... it was a bit shit. So back to the drawing board then. Apology's for the delay. Between time constraints and writers block, this blogging thing is actually a lot harder than it looks!


  1. Don't want to worry you Chris, but:

  2. Chris - I know where you are coming from. There is a self induced pressure to write articles, but in reality, its better to hold off than publish a half baked idea in the first place. The day you feel to are forced to write, and not because you want to write, is probably the day to shut the site down...