Friday, 20 July 2012

The First Post

So this is it. I have my own blog to fill with mindless waffle about UK defence and the associated disciplines that affect it.

Yes. I know it looks naff. Welcome to the world of free blogging my friends! My techno savvy runs about as far as being able to add things to my favourites bar so this is probably as good as it will get for now. I'm happy with it. It's the content that will hopefully make the difference, in time.

For now though.... I have nothing. I've literally only been live for a few minutes. So come back later, when I've had time to write something much deeper and informative.

Go on, shoo!

P.S. On a quick side note, amen to Bloggers spell check function, which doesn't recognise the words "Blog" or "Blogging". I can see we're going to get along handsomely.


  1. Welcome to the world of RAF sponsored blogging

  2. I thank you sir. Just released there is no way to respond to comments withouth physically coming to the page and typing in the comment box!